Máxima Alerta – Alerta para Todos | Cuban Reggaeton 2011

| 05/16/2011

A newly fresh cuban reggaeton just released via Cubamusic.com Maxima alerta ! with great collaborations and very good track list, ready for the summer 2011, alerta pa todos !! “

Maxima alerta - alerta para todos 2011 new album planet timba cuban reggaeton1.Intro de Maxima Alerta
2.Ahora dile quien soy (Ft. Yulien Oviedo)
3.Ay Lola La Figura (Ft. Gente de Zona)
4.Mi nina
5.Que loca es la italiana
6.Mi vecinita (Ft. El Chacal)
8.La nina quiere un Pepe
9.Mi mejor amiga (Ft. Randy y Dantes)
10.Mala cabeza
11.Dejate de Abuso
12.Esto es Fiesta (Ft. El Indio)
13.Donde esta la nina (Ft. Alain Daniel)
14.Sigue mirandome

Download Máxima Alerta – Alerta para Todos

Exclusively at Cubamusic.com the new album from Santa Clara’s most famous ones, titled “Alerta para todos” containing 14 tracks – featuring many special guests (El Chacal, Gente de Zona, El Indio, Yulien Oviedo, Dantes) – where Maxima Alerta’s new sound emerges , empowered with a brand new winds section. Reggaeton once more with a strong Cuban matrix, but still well-mixed with smoother Caribbean rhythms, also thanks to the voice of “los metales”.

Some of the tracks of the album, which presents 6 new songs, were already commercialized and reached the top of the hit-parade, like “Mi Vecinita” (feat. el Chacal) and “Ay Lola, La figura” (feat. Gente de Zona). But in “Alerta para todos” all the songs have been reinterpreted by the new extended formation, which worked in the recording process under the remarkable direction of Nando Pro, the music mind behind Gente de Zona.

5 years after the lucky release of “Llegaron los Alertas”, under the valued French record label “Luz Africa”, Maxima Alerta comes back in its best dress. “Alerta para todos” goes boldly beyond the reggaeton-ish mere taste and strikes with the freshness of a never trivial sound.

As above said, 2-3 tracks are already known as hits, whereas others like “Dejate de Abuso”, “Que loca la italiana”, “Ahora dile quien soy”, “Mala Cabeza” “La nina quiere un Pepe”, will soon become such.

Very well done, excellent album. Don’t miss it! Source: Cubamusic.com

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