Candyman de Cuba: “Sin Fronteras” & “Primero” | 2012

| 02/06/2012

Now we bring something different, raggamuffin with CandyMan, Ruben Cuesta Palomo or CandyMan started his musical roots like a pioneer in Cuba. His music spread like wild fire in differents places across Cuba, where his voice and his lyrics make a brand-new-way to make this music.
He is internationally renowned through his numerous hits: “La Cosita”, “Ponte La Moda” or “Bayu Baye”

The raggamuffin was in its peak days in the 80’s favourites singers are, Shabba Ranks, Yellowman, Ini Kamoze, Pato Banton,Dr Alban among others. From Cuba only shines CandyMan. Being the precursor of what is now another very popular genre, the Cuban reggaeton. The candyman’s quality is indisputable and is famous in many countries.

Here are these 2 albums that are available exclusively in digital format at

Candyman. Primero (2012)

01. Te Quiero Enamorar
02. Yo soy Reggae MusicCandyman de Cuba: “Sin Fronteras” & “Primero” | 2012 planet timba music reggaeton
03. El Pru
04. Soy Bueno Soy Malo
05. El Chinito
06. La Musiquita
07. Estoy Sufriendo
08. Tendón
09. Marilú
10. El Chinito (Remix)
11. Señor Oficial
12. Bayú Bayé
13. Será Que No Me Quieres
14. Pídemela
15. Volaré
16. No Sé Cómo Decirte
17. El Puneta
18. Dame Dinerito
19. Bandido
20. El Diablito

Download at

Candyman. Sin Fronteras (2012)

01. Loca Loca Loco LocoCandyman de Cuba: “Sin Fronteras” & “Primero” | 2012 reggaeton mucis planet timba music
02. Cuando Tú Me Besas
03. Ponte A La Moda (Feat El Micha)
04. Anoche Te Vi
05. Soñé
06. A Una Loca Como Tú (Feat Baby Lores Y El Bicho)
07. Rompiendo Fronteras
08. A Trucu Trucu
09. Detente Corazón
10. Me Vengo
11. Que Se Acabe
12. Borra De Tu Mente
13. Dame Tu Tocoto
14. Vida De Bandido
15. A Una Loca Como Tú (Remix Feat Joanis)
16. Apretadora
17. Ponte A La Moda (Remix)
18. Me Parece Poco

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Raggamuffin music, usually abbreviated as ragga, is a sub-genre of dancehall music or reggae, in which the instrumentation primarily consists of electronic music. Similar to hip hop, Sampling often serves a prominent role in raggamuffin music.

Ragga originated in Jamaica during the 1980s, at the same time that electronic dance music’s popularity was increasing globally. One of the reasons for ragga’s swift propagation is that it is generally easier and less expensive to produce than reggae performed on traditional musical instruments. Ragga evolved first in Jamaica, and later in Europe, North America, and Africa, eventually spreading to Japan, India, and the rest of the world. Ragga heavily influenced early jungle music, and also spawned the syncretistic bhangragga style when fused with bhangra. In the 1990s, ragga and breakcore music fused, creating a style known as raggacore.

The term raggamuffin is an intentional misspelling of ragamuffin, a word that entered the Jamaican Patois lexicon after the British Empire colonized Jamaica in the 17th century. Despite the British colonialists’ pejorative application of the term, Jamaican youth appropriated it as an ingroup designation. The term raggamuffin music describes the music of Jamaica’s “ghetto dwellers”. (Source Wikipedia)

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