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| 01/25/2011

Just come out on sale  the new and first album of  “Suave Tumbao“, titled “La Cañonera” which is directed by Jorge Luis Gomez Navas known as  “El Suave”, who was a musician and co founder of Candido Fabre’s Band.
There are 14 tracks of timba full, vibrant sound, it has great influence of various Cuban bands of the moment, is a perfect album for the dancer, and many geeks (the timberos ) will be delighted of having this album.
This first album of orquesta Suave Tumbao , gives a good impression! my favourite  songs that I like are “Ella esta como el Havana Club”, “Que mas quiere” and “Cubana or Boriquena. “

The orchestra’s repertoire is deeply influenced in the cuban son. The quality and youth of the musicians, graduates from prestigious schools allows them to experiment with new sounds merging with Songo with rhythms of rumba, boleros, reggaeton and other Latin rhythms.
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1.- No te vayas
2.- Mala Cantidad
3.- Yo que te di todo
4.- Cubana o Boriquena
5.- Ella esta como el Havana Club
6.- Inocente
7.- Comenzo el verano
8.- Que mas quiere
9.- Pa que me provocas
10.- Yo que la conozco
11.- Deja que llegue arriba
12.- Deja que te digan viejo
13.- Ni te lo imaginas
14.- Al doblar la esquina
listen a preview of some tracks of Suave Tumbao

Vocalistas: Claude Hernandez, Maikel Dinza, Lisbeth Castillo, Luis Enrique Rivas. Trombón: Cesar Manuel Odio, Daniel Valdoquin, Pedro Perez Guerra. Teclados: Luis Enrique Licea. Bajo: Eloy Echevarría. Drum: Lidisnel Tamayo. Timbal: Luis Meireles. Congas: Yan Alfonso. Guiros: Ramón Paterson.

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