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| 01/06/2011

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Tomas “Tomasito” Cruz was born and raised in Cuba in the middle of the musical revolution of the 90’s. This Havana born virtuoso at age 35 accounts for a 20-year music career. At an early age, he studied at the Vocational School of Arts graduating in percussion with complementary studies in piano. He continued his percussion training with Jose Luis Quintana “Changuito” and also added 4 years of studies in trombone, music history and vocals at the National School of Arts. In the course of more than two decades, Tomas (universally acknowledged to be among the top three conga players in the world) has authored three books entitled, “The Conga Method Volume I, II and III”, awarded 4.5 stars by “Modern Drummer Magazine”. His first working experience was at the cabaret Parisienne of the “Hotel Nacional” in Cuba. Since then and over the years he has played with renowned artist like

Paulito FG y su Elite, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar d’ Leon, Tito Nieve, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz , Willy Chirino, Manolin el Medico de la Salsa, Arturo Sandoval, cachao, among others.
he had become one of the top congueros in Cuba, playing in what most Cuban music experts consider one of the two or three best Timba bands ever assembled, the 1997-98 incarnation of Paulito FG y su Elite which recorded the groundbreaking CD, “Con la conciencia tranquila”. The creativity and drive Tomasito’s conga tumbaos on that album put him in the very upper echelon of the most competive Latin music scene in the world.
He moved to Miami then, it took Tomasito very little time to rise to the top of the Miami Latin music scene, playing with Manolin, el Medico de la Salsa, Willie Chirino, Celia Cruz, and many others.

His Latest Album

He has toured the world with some of them and accompanied others to numerous and prominent Jazz Festivals. “Tomasito”, as endearingly loved and known, has been part to three Grammy winning CD’s with Alejandro Sanz, Willy Chirino and Arturo Sandoval. As amazing as his career appears, Tomasito Cruz , now a singer and songwriter presents a unique show, full a flavor and fusion to enchant all audiences in ages and culture. He is an outstanding musician and born entertainer. His Latest album titled Candela is available,click here for more info

1-Tomasito Cruz- Full percussion 2- Piano/keyboard 3- Bass 4- Sax Tenor 5-Trumpet 6-DJ Musician vary per country or location.
En la musica muchos inspiran y otros se admiran ,pero, todos dan de si todo cuando presentan lo suyo. No

puedo de dejar sin mencionar pilares en mi formacion musical y experiencia como Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Benny More, Changuito mi maestro, Tataguines, Chano Pozo, Giovanny Hidalgo, Isarael Lopez Cachao y Mongo Santamaria.
Sounds Like:
Yo sueno como la rumba y el son, sueno como los tambores que repican en africa al caer la noche. Soy donde se inspiraron los viejos que al morir dejaron en mi sus dones. Soy un musico, un negrito conguero, soy quien dando golpes saca ritmos y mueve caderas. Soy Tomasito Cruz en el mundo entero… jaja… ..
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