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| 08/17/2012

Timba Para SiempreRecently, a friend from Atlanta came to Washington DC to visit family. It was beneficial to me because she joined me for a night out dancing. We met about three years ago at the first SALSAtlanta 3-Day Cuban weekend. We bonded over University of Michigan and salsa casino. As we stood to the side of the dance floor, with bachata blaring, we discussed the lack of Timba and how hard it is to find it in dance clubs. Granted, she lives in Atlanta so she has some great options there. She then said, ‘You MUST download this Timba app [application]!’ I was shocked. How did I not know about a Timba app for my phone? Granted, I hadn’t searched for one but there it was. Timba PS.

I downloaded the app and started it up. Awesome! Timba whenever I wanted it. Over the past two-three months I have used the app and have been very pleased. I get to hear my favorites plus so many more that are first-time listens for me. There’s Cubaton, Timba, Son, and more on a daily basis. I do own Timba – quite a bit actually – but I have had issues getting music moved from one hard drive to another and onto my laptop and finally, to my phone. So right now I’m limited. With this app, I don’t need to worry about getting all of my music onto my phone.

I took some time and contacted the creator of the app to find out more. His name is Maxime and he is French. He also has a radio broadcast that mirrors Timba PS.

What made you decide to create this app and how long have you been streaming via the Internet?
First of all, a few years ago, while I was in Nice (France), I was animating a salsa radio programme with two friends. I really enjoyed doing that, we had a lot of fun there and it was really motivating to broadcast salsa music so that people be more cultivated about the musicians and the different groups playing salsa around the world.

Then, I moved to Toulouse, and I missed a lot these animations. A friend told me about the radionomy system that enables to create a webradio and broadcast directly from a computer. I was very interesting in creating such a webradio, and I decided to create it as soon as possible. “Timba Para Siempre” was created in October 2010, and the first broadcasting occurred in December. Since then, Cuban music has been broadcasted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s been now 20 months! For the moment, there are no animating programmes, but I’d really like to motivate 1 or 2 friends and convince them to animate broadcasts with me.

When I created the radio, I was not very sure that many people would be interested, but my thought was that I could now listen to all my discography directly on the internet, so that was OK for me. And, of course, if people get interested in the webradio, that would be good news! That would help a bit the promotion of Cuban music. Thanks to the webradio, people were now able to listen to Cuban music at any time. That’s for the webradio itself. Concerning the app, one of my concerns was that people can have easily access to the webradio, so creating an iPhone app was the first thing to do! Thanks to a friend who is a good developer, we managed to develop quite rapidly the app “Timba PS”, which was born in the end of May 2011.

That was a great achievement because through this app, many people became aware of the existence of the webradio, and the cumulated streaming hours kept increasing!

Why Timba? Are you Cuban?
“Timba” because I learned to dance Cuban Salsa (in 2005) and I really enjoyed all the [styles] while dancing. And, little by little, I became fan of this music. I’m not Cuban, I’m French.

How is Timba accepted in France?
Globally, Timba music is not very accepted in the music business. Here in France, it is impossible to buy Timba CDs in stores. All Cuban music you can find is Compay Segundo, one or 2 Van Van releases, and that’s it. To get timba music, you have to buy it online in the US (Prodland, Descarga). The consequence is that people are not vey “educated” about Timba. Many people (DJs, my webradio, some casino teachers) try to promote this music, and little by little it seems to improve, but it’s very difficult. Concerning the salsa clubs, it depends on the region. In Paris, I would say that there is 50% dancing Casino and 50% dancing Puerto Rican style so you can find salsa clubs with Timba and others with classics and salsa dura. Some clubs broadcast both, some are dedicated to timba, and others dedicated to classics or salsa dura.

In Toulouse, the region where I live, I think that 85% people dance Cuban style so most of the clubs are used to play timba songs, but some DJ also play Colombian or Puerto Rican artists. In Nice, the region where I used to live a few years ago, 60% of people dance Puerto Rican style, 35% dance a salsa mix between Cuban and Puerto Rican and very few people dance Casino. Therefore, timba is unknown there!

Concerning live music, we had the chance to have lots of groups performing in France in the last 5 years. That is good for the promotion of Cuban music, but there is a majority of people here in France who like the dance, and don’t really care about the music. That’s why we try to enhance this promotion through different methods (some DJs write on a screen the name of the artist for instance)

Who are your favorite groups/singers?

  • Pupy y los que son son
  • Elio Revé y su Charangon
  • La Charanga Habanera
  • Manolito y su Trabuco
  • Los Van Van

I don’t forget Tirso Duarte which is my favorite singer nor the Bamboleo of the ’90s with Haila & Vannia. I’ve had the chance to see all these groups perform live (I think I saw Pupy 7 times) and my favorite artists ‘live’ are definitely La Revé and Pupy.

Currently Timba PS is available only for the iPhone (sorry Android owners). Maxime sees some improvements for the future – probably a feature for sharing to Facebook (and Twitter too I hope). I haven’t found too many problems with the app. Granted, as with any music streaming over the Internet or phone, there might be lags now and then but I have never had it not connect. The music is varied so you don’t hear the same songs every single day which is a plus. I detest music apps that end up playing the same popular songs over and over.

Also, this app is FREE. Yes. Free. You have no reason to not download it and give it a try! Don’t have an iPhone? That’s ok – you can listen to the radio broadcast 24/7 (listed below in the information area). Let me know what you think of the app after you download it? I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Timba PS app on iTunes Store (please be sure to leave a positive review if you like the app)
Timba Para Siempre Website (in French)
Timba Para Siempre Web Radio (with music schedule)

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